Thursday, January 19, 2017

947. Revering the spirit of womanhood......!

I was watching the National Geographic Channel program on the behaviour of monkeys. A group of male monkeys were trying hard to impress their female counter part. They use their sharp teeth and nails to attack the other male to win the female to mate with them. If we observe it is the male in competition with other males and the female is choosy to pick one among them as mate. Ultimately it is the choice of the female that matters. What is laudable here is the persistency and passion of the male to roam around the female and strive hard until selected for copulation. Seldom do they force upon the female.       

When seeing the atrocities on women in the recent times I think we humans are behaving worst than animals. There are crimes against women at her work place and she is not safe at home too. The respect she deserves in her work place is deprived. It all starts with an uncivilised colleague sending a “B” grade joke to her WhatsApp, if she responds then she available. It is sensible to keep away from such womanisers. 

There is a standard claim that men are generally very egoistic and do not wish to hear “NO” from women. Hence they consequently apply force to convert that “NO” to “YES” it could be emotional blackmail or intimidation. These uncultured men think they have achieved triumph by doing so but in reality their standard does not even match the male monkey.      

Taking a “NO” from male is awful for women too. Women normally do not exhibit their sexual urge unless they trust themselves and embraces their femininity in full force. It is only at that time do they come forward without any fear unlike their male counterparts. Therefore it is mentioned in the ancient texts that the feminine sexual essence need to be highly revered. It advocates that the sexual urge exhibited by a woman towards a particular man has to be honoured. It becomes the utmost duty of the concerned male to fulfil that. A “NO” from that male would be like questioning the essence of being a woman. 

Our tradition and culture has explained this unique essence of a woman which is relevant even today. In earlier time it was the women who summon their counterpart to satisfy their wish come what may. There is an instance in Mahabharata to justify this. After the Great War, Pandavas perform Ashwamedha Yagna. The sacrificial horse enters the Kingdom of Campapuri ruled by King Hamsadhwaja. It is a dictum that either the King has to fight or surrender, the King chooses to fight. His son Sudhanva is newly married. He has to fight the Pandavas the next day. Knowing the strength of the Pandava army and expecting an unfortunate result from the war the new bride, Prabhavathi wishes for the progeny. Sudhanva and Prabhavathi spend the night together and it is late for the war the next day. As per the law Sundhanva has to be put into boiling oil for being late. However Sri Krishna saves him.      

Having said that, it is the prerogative of male too. Again in Mahabharata we can find that Arjuna accepts Ullupi’s advance and embraced her feminine nature revering the spirit of womanhood. While on the other hand, he faced a curse of being a eunuch for refusing Urvashi’s wish to satisfy her urge. As per his understanding Urvashi, the apsara was his mother after she was married to Pururavas, the ancestor of Kuru clan. Urvashi tries to explain Arjuna that in Indraloka the relationships are immaterial. But Arjuna sticks to his ideology.  

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