Tuesday, January 31, 2017

952. Question & Answers for LIFE....1

Prasnottara Ratna Malika of Sri Sri Sankara comprises of Questions and Answers pertaining to both Spiritual and Mundane living.

Q:  What is to be accepted without hesitation?
A:  The words of a Guru.

Q:  Who is Guru?
A:  One who has realized the Truth and is always wishing good of the disciple from his heart.

Q:  What is to be given up?
A:  Action which is against Dharma.

Q: What should a wise man do with the utmost urgency?
A:  Breaking the cycle of births and deaths.

Q: Which is the seed of Moksha?
A:  True knowledge which is put to practice.

Q: Which is the greatest deed?
A: Following Dharma.

Q: Who is clean in this world?
A:  He who has a clear mind.

Q: Who is wise?
A:  He who has discrimination, who can discriminate between Good and Bad, Dharma and Adharma, Eternal and the Ephemeral etc.

Q: What is poison?
A:  Disrespecting the views of wise and elders.

Q: What is the essence of this Samsaara (cycle of births and deaths)
A:  It is the frequent contemplation on the question ‘What is this Samsaara?’

Q: What should a man ask for?
A: Take birth in this world for the benefit of oneself and others.

Q: Which is as intoxicating as liquor?
A:  Love.

Q: Who are thieves?
A:  Five senses seeking Pleasures.

Q: Which is the Samsaara creeper?
A:  Desire.

Q: Who is the greatest enemy?
A: Lethargy.

Q: What is fear?
A:  Anxiety of death.

Q: Who is worse than a blind person?
A:  One who is in the grip of lust.

Q: Who is valiant?
A: One who is not lured by the eye-arrows (gaze) of beautiful women.

Q: What is fit to drink like nectar?
A: Advice of good (saintly) people.

Q: What is the root of dignity?
A:  By not asking for anything.

Q: Which is deep?
A:  Character of women.

Q: Who is clever?
A: One who is not fooled by the enticement of a woman.

Q: What is sorrow?
A:  Discontentment.

Q: What makes one become a laughing stock in the view of others?
A: Begging from a mean person.

Q: What is life as it should be?
A: That which is unblemished.

Q: What is stupidity?
A:  Not practicing what one has learned.

Q: Who is awake?
A: He who knows knowing is doing.  

Q: Who is asleep?
A:  The one who thinks Ignorance is bliss.

Q: Which is volatile like a drop of water on a lotus leaf?
A: Youth, wealth and life span of a person.

Q: Who are those who, like the rays of the moon, make people happy?
A: Good person.

Q: Which is Hell?
A:  Being under the control of another.

Q: What is Happiness?
A: Giving up all attachments.

Q: What is to be achieved?
A: Doing good to all living beings.

Q: What is dear to all beings?
A: One’s own life.

Q: What will result in misfortune?
A: Narcissism.

Q: What will provide Happiness?
A: Friendship with the good.

Q: Who is good at wiping out all sorrows?
A: One who has learnt to let go.

Q: What is Death?
A:  Stupidity.

Q: What is invaluable?
A: That which is given at the appropriate moment when it is most needed by the recipient.

Q: What will be a thorn in the flesh until one’s death?
A:  A sin committed clandestinely.

Q:  Where should one direct one’s efforts?
A: In the acquisition of knowledge, health, and in being generous with the needy.

Q: What should one pay no attention to?
A: Bad character, other man’s wife and wealth. 

Q: What one should think of day and night?
A: How to evanescence this world (samsaara) not about beautiful women.

Q:  What should be the object of one’s love?
A:   Kindness towards the miserable and friendship with the good.

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