Wednesday, February 1, 2017

953. Questions and answers of LIFE.......2

Q:  Whose Atma (mind) cannot be brought to the righteous path even when he is on his death bed?
A:   The Atma of a fool, of an incorrigible doubter, of one steeped in sorrow or of one who is ungrateful

Q: Who is a Sadhu?
A:  One whose conduct and character are good.

Q:  Who is considered the worst kind of person?
A:  One whose conduct and character are bad.

Q: By who is this world conquered?
A: By one who is established in truth and forbearance (ability to endure).

Q: To whom the celestial (Devas) offer their salutations?
A: To the one whose chief virtue is kindness.

Q: What causes fear in the mind?
A: The forest of Samsaara creates fear.

Q: In whose control are living beings?
A: One whose words are true and soothing and whose virtue is humility.

Q: Where should one stay?
A: On the righteous path which yields good.

Q: Who is blind?
A: One whose actions are bad.
Q: Who is deaf?
A: One who does not listen to advice of wise.    

Q: Who is dumb?
A: One who cannot utter kind and sweet words at the appropriate time. 
Q: What is giving?
A: That which is given without being asked for.

Q:  Who is a friend?
A:  One who prevents from committing sinful actions.

Q:  What is adornment?
A:   Good conduct.

Q:  What adorns speech?
 A:  Truth.
Q: Which is as transient as lightning?
A: The company of bad people and flirting women.

Q: Who, even in this age of Kali, do not deviate from the right conduct followed by their forebears?
A: Good persons.

Q: Which is rare as the Chintamani which turns iron into gold?   
A: Chaturbadram (four auspicious things).
Q: Which are those four auspicious things according to enlightened souls?
A: A gift accompanied by soothing pleasant words, knowledge devoid of arrogance, valour tempered by forgiveness, Wealth accompanied by philanthropy (altruism or generosity) these are the chaturbhadram, which are very rare indeed.

Q: What is to be lamented?
A: Stinginess. (who neither enjoys his wealth nor uses it for the  benefit of the needy).

Q: What is to be praised when one has the means for luxurious living?
A: Generosity (magnanimity). 

Q: Who deserves respect from the learned and the wise?
A: One, who by his very nature, is full of humility.

Q: Who is the Sun for the lotus which is one’s dynasty (kulakamala)?   
A: One who, in spite of possessing all good qualities, is meek (humble, full of humility).

Q: In whose control is this world?
A: One whose speech is pleasing and beneficial and who always walks the righteous path.

Q:  What captivates the heart of the learned and the wise?
A:  Good poetry and the man of knowledge.

Q: Who does misfortune not touch?
A: One who listens to the advice of elders and is humble.

Q: Whom does Goddess Lakshmi like?
A: One whose mind is not lazy and whose conduct and character are righteous.

Q: Whom does Goddess Lakshmi forsake instantly?
A: One who talks ill of Brahmin, Guru, and Divinity and is lazy.

Q: Where should one reside?
A: In the proximity of good people or in Kashi (Varanasi)

Q: Which place should be avoided?

A:  A place inhabited by mean people and ruled by a greedy and stingy king. 

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