Saturday, February 18, 2017

965. Vedanta Misinterpreted......!

Life is a journey in which every traveler needs to enjoy the voyage. This is exactly what almost all philosophers and saints have told in their thesis. Sri Vijayadasaru of the Dasa Sahitya tradition writes in one of his couplets, “saDagaradallippudE shreeshanAj~je(To be cheerful is the order from Absolute). Vedas too emphasize that an individual has to progress and prosperity. Vedas provide the ways and means to achieve them through the path of spirituality. There are a few who believe that spirituality is to abandon everything and stay aloof. In reality Vedas furnishes a practical methodology to awaken the immense, innate, divine and dormant potential in every individual to progress and prosper.

Progress and Prosper is not just about acquiring wealth to garner comforts, but to grow intellectually too. Apart from focusing on our well-being we need to think of others welfare too. Then we need to have foresight to mold the future life, flow of thought that is unique in all respects, a good oratory power and the ability to express the knowledge we have assimilated.

Our Acharyas were the role models of practical living and they never recommended to renounce the materialistic world. Their view on this world was of positivity, filled with factual optimism. They were capable of guiding their disciples to build a new world. Samartha Ramadas took Chatrapati Shivaji to the helm of the mighty Maratha Empire. Acharya Chanakya exalted Chandragupta to be the greatest emperor. Vidyaranya inspired two ordinary boys Hakka and Bukka to build Vijayanagar Empire. This is the spirituality of the Hinduism, a mixture of both philosophy and materialism.

There is a hymn in Rig Veda called “Bhagya Sukta” (Good words on Fortune) “Su” is good “ukta” is told and we all know “Bhagya” is fortune.  It is meant to achieve progress, prosperity and good luck. This Sukta, addressing to Providence requesting for the end of miseries and prosperity to prevail, all pleasures to unfurl, comforts and riches to follow, make our faces beam with radiance, our brains to be filled with intellect etc.

Thus Vedas and its essence have been advising us to lead a life of prosperity to the fullest. It is so shocking to find that an opposite view of this is spread among seekers. A section of people have conveniently used the words of Sri Sri Sankara to quote that this entire world is Mithya (Illusion) and material progress is unnecessary. This kind of ideology has force poverty upon us in the name of “Vedanta.” Sri Sri Sankara never ridiculed the purpose of living. He just warned us of over indulgence. He felt that “Possession is not an issue, but possessiveness is.” If not, he would not have rendered “Kanakadhara Stotram” to produce the shower of Golden Gooseberries for the old lady. Unfortunately a few of his followers interpreted that we need nothing in life. 

We living in Bharathavarsha had all the pleasures and comforts and enjoyed everything in life. Our scriptural dictum proclaims “Paripoornatayaa Jivet” (Live Life to the Fullest). None of our scriptures have ever discouraged the seeker from enjoying any pleasures of life. It was a few perverted minds which misinterpreted Acharya Sri Sri Sankara by saying Vedas recommend renouncing all pleasure experiences in life to attain liberation.

If we observe it is the experience of pleasure which makes path to progress for the seeker. Some may disagree with what I have understood but I strongly feel that this wrong notion of Vedanta has forced us to close our eyes to progress and well-being. 

The ideology of Sanatana Dharma since ages has been life affirmative, never negative......What say???

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