Monday, February 13, 2017

962. Happy Valentine....!!!

There is'nt a single living being which does not wish to be loved. To achieve that Love we have heard and seen many who have gone past all the boundaries. Love thus attained has showered the experience of joy and ecstasy to some while for a few who have been deprived of it there is frustration and depression. Love has become an emotional need as so as food, water and air for physical need. Though there is that immense effort to achieve it, all are not successful. Why is it so??? Is there anything we need to contemplate on this???

Yes, Love is defined as giving and receiving which makes it “Conditional.” This mindset will never allow us to know about “Unconditional Love.” In the hurry to achieve that Love we have ended up making it a commodity which we think we can “Buy.” This conditioning creates a mindset that Love is conditioned. Yes, agreed that a good behaviours is always applauded, one has to think what the child will start expecting from others??? Obliviously the child also will search for the same. The journey for the child to “Buy” love continues. This kind of mindset has made us relate to Love as “I like how you make me feel” instead of “I like how you feel.” Love is not something which works like as in barter system. There is this notion that Love is earned, when we do, what the one whom we love want us to do. Unfortunately many are “in Love’ believing this notion and there are a few who are making use of this notion. This kind of conditional Love makes us remain ordinary and there is way to transcend this and go for what is called Divine Love.    

Divine Love is caring about the happiness of the other without an iota of thought as to what it might fetch us. It is all about giving without expectations. “If I love you would you do this to me” is not Love at all it is a well planned strategy. If the person we love is forcing us to say something or do something which is not in our nature, then it is not Love it is a game. The one who is putting conditions to love has more manipulating power that sacrificial attitude; this may cause injury to the relationship. He who values a relationship holding nothing back and loving unconditionally will enjoy love more than the one who sketches the conditions. Such a person experiences joy regardless of whether his Love is requited or unrequited as he knows only to give.  

Young lovers of today are caught in the web of this conditioned Love (if I could call it Love at all). There is more of scrutinising whether the other is caring about the gain and comfort rather than bonding the relationship. Pain and discomfort is a part of human growth and it has nothing to do with Love. Love is not about fostering growth and shielding the one we Love from pain and discomfort. Many have confused Love to be providing comforts, satisfying needs and shielding from trails. Only a Divine Lover understands that by doing so he is only clipping the wings of his lover causing hindrance to fly free. There has to be concern and a sincere effort to evade pain and provide comfort, but that should never be with the intention of safeguarding Love out of fear.

Divine Love has no fear and is never insecure..... What say???      
Gift your Lover that Love which is fearless and is secured always......Happy Valentine!!!  

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