Sunday, February 5, 2017

958. Dvaita as I understand....!

There will be no confusion between Dvaita (Duality) and Advaita (Oneness) in the mind if one wish for only spiritual evolution, for other it is a never-ending debate. I have always believed that both Sri Sri Sankara and Sriman Madhva were enlightened though they had extremely contradictory views. If the seeker contemplates he can know that the both Acharyas were say the same with different dimensions. I could assimilate a great thought in what Sriman Madhva had proclaimed. I have made an effort to summarise two of the Acharyas simple non-complicated truth. My interpretation could fail to project the thought clearly, but that does not mean that the dictum of Sriman Madhva is blemished.
Sriman Madhva is the third incarnation of Vayudeva. He served Maha Vishnu in his three incarnations, as Hanuman in Terta, as Bhimasena in Dwapara and in Kaliyuga as Sriman Madhva.
Sriman Madhva as Hanuman served Shri Rama completely with devotion. I find it impossible to think he had any intentions to merge with the Lord, thus disapproving he is God (Advaita). As an accolade he had a warm hug from his Lord. Bhimasena carried out the orders of Sri Krishna and as Sriman Madhva he wrote commentary on all the Vedic scriptures and dedicated it to Vyasadeva.
As I understand even if it were to be believed that someday we all merge with the Lord, Sriman Madhva would refuse that state and say “O, Lord let me live as a separate entity and serve You for eternity.” Sriman Madhva is the one who refuse to stop serving his Lord. This tattva of serving God which in a way is the love beyond self could be the motivation for the rise of the concept called “Dvaita.” With this trait Sriman Madhva is “Jeevottama” (best among Jeevis).     
Sriman Madhva in all the three incarnation served his Lord to whom he credits all his experiences and the meaning for his existence. He called that supreme Absolute as “Vishnu.” Sriman Madhva proclaims that “Any intention which is contradictory to the sovereign independence of the Absolute should be rejected as false. That which is in concord with Divinity is itself the criterion of Truth. All testimony and authorities should be construed in the light of the Sarvotthamattva (Supremacy) of Vishnu. This should never be compromised at any cost”. This statement by Sriman Madhva is beyond debate and the one accepted by theists irrespective of which ever school they follow.  
In one of my earlier write up I had mentioned about the Ocean which is ultimate and the vapour, cloud, rain, stream, river which though is the part of the ocean has an independent existence for some time, which I equate to a Dvaita (Duality). Every drop of ocean which has left the ocean after vaporisation ultimately merges with the ocean again depicting the Advaita (Oneness).
Sriman Madhva clearly states that Varna cannot be distinguished by birth. Interestingly the die-hard followers of Dvaita Sampradaya (Dvaita Tradition) fail to understand this dictum of Sriman Madhva. The exact word used by Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Verse 13 is “Varna” and in Sanskrit it means “Colour.” Now don’t conclude this to be racism (on the lighter note). If one has deceived us it is common to say “he showed his true colour” it is not the colour of the skin but the intrinsic nature of the Jeevatma (individual). If we can’t understand such a simple thing how can we understand the concept of Dvaita and Advaita, I wonder?

I bow to Sriman Madhva for enhancing my intellect to understand the true meaning of my existence. Today is Madhva Navami (Magha Shukla Navami) on this day in 1317 A.D Sriman Madhva proceeded to Badarikashrama to stay with Bhagavan Vyasadeva forever. 

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