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971. Arjavam.....Frankness!

While explaining Arjuna the prerequisite qualities to achieve the means to fulfilling the highest purpose of the existence, Sri Krishna uses a word “Arjavam” (Bhagvad-Gita Chapter 13, verse 8). In fact this word is used in Chapter 16 verse 1 too.

In simple words Arjavam is to be Frank or Straight Forward or just to be transparent. I searched for the equivalent English word and found it to be “Rectitude” this word comes from the root word of Latin “Rectus” meaning straight.

Well, it is not as easy as said to be Frank. Being honest is different from renouncing deception. Display of honesty could be while gauging the integrity of another person but in being frank one should not deceive others or himself to achieve an end even in harder times. The one who is straightforward has to face and accept faults without blaming them on others.

Some feel that deception is an art to survive in this society but in reality a deceptive person is a chronic disease to society. The urbanised civilisation has prompted some parents to encourage their wards to be deceptive in order to do well in society. Such parents are not molding them to be good citizens but are creating prospective criminals who will perfect the art and ravage mankind in future.

Arjavam is the best solution no matter how difficult it is to follow. To be remorseful, modest and to repent for misdeeds is the way to win back the faith. To have Arjavam is to have Rijubhava (Riju is arrow) the arrow that is left the bow is aligned to go straight. When there is straightness in thought, word and deed that alignment is called Arjavam. This alignment is the one which plays an important role for the “Dhi Shakti” to flow so as to acquire Atma-Jnana (Self Knowledge).

Is it so tough to be Straight Forward???

There is a proverb in Kannada “beeso donne tappiskondre noor varsha ayassu” (if you can escape from the stick waved at you, you can live a hundred years). Though this proverb indicated that in certain situations it is so demanding to escape from the current problem so that everything can be managed later. Unfortunately this proverb is misquoted and is used as an encouragement to deceptiveness. With the lack of foresight some may think that a crooked way can get them away from a sticky situation, but it is very hard to fool everyone at all times. One incident to establish the crookedness is enough to distance that person away for the rest of the life. Not only that, the person is branded as untrustworthy too. Such a crisis of credibility will not ever allow a person to succeed in life. 

Commenting on the Story of Satyakama Jabala from Chandogya Upanishad, Sriman Madhva clarifies excellently as to who should be called “Dvija” (twice born) in the sense, eligible for Upanayana (Upa means Resemblance Nayana is Eyes... Activation of Third Eye). This according to the Acharya is the only criterion for Yagnopavita Dharana and initiation of Maha Gayatri Mantra.  

Sriman Madhva write thus:

Arjavam Brahmane Saksat
Sudro Narjava Lakshanah
Gautamas tviti Vijnaya
Satyakamam Upanayat

Meaning: Straightforwardness is the quality of a Brahamana and crookedness is that of a Sudra. Knowing this fact, Sage Gautama initiated Upanayana to Satyakama.   

Here I bow to the conviction of Sriman Madhva in proclaiming the Truth, but it is unfortunate that in this society there are many like Satyakama Jabala but the calibre of Sage Gautama is what is lacking...... nevertheless I am confident that one day the Truth will prevail. 

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