Wednesday, February 22, 2017

967. Duck is a duck and Eagle is an eagle....!

You all might have read about this story which the management sector tells is a true story of Wally, the cab driver. It is about a nice inspirational statement by Dr. Wayne W Dyer “Stop complaining! Differentiate yourself from your competition. Don’t be a duck. Be an eagle. Ducks quack and complain. Eagles soar above the crowd.” which the cab driver is motivated and leads his life on those lines.

I had read sometime back and now I had an opportunity to read it again when I received it in WhatsApp this morning. Now I did have a different dimension altogether. Dr. Wayne W Dyer has inspired me from different angle. I have this rather eccentric thought to educate people and motivate them to a higher level of existence. Sometimes I fail, now I do remember this golden rule “A Duck can never become an Eagle”. I have wasted many hours trying to inspire and motivate some ducks without result.

Duck is a duck and an eagle is an eagle. If I am forcing a duck to attend the school of an Eagle I am doing a mistake. Duck and Eagle are different species of avians according to the Laws of Nature. But we are humans with intellect and intelligence yet unfortunately we have this duck and Eagle attitudes. 

Now I have this obvious question “How can I identify a duck attitude?”

A person with a duck attitude always has one or the other excuse. He does not think about finding a different angle to anything instead he has some ready-made sentences like:

“I am busy”....... Every individual is Busy and it is the priority that matters. If they prefer doing they do they don’t give an excuse.

“Not the right time”....... Any time is a golden moment. Procrastination is the face of lethargy. Why blame the time for your laziness.

“I happy with what I am doing”....... No will to explore at all. Either you are afraid of new ventures or you are stubborn.

“I can’t do it”....... anything got without sweat is never sweet. Anything we do is initially difficult and seems impossible, but attempt to do it will make the “I can’t” to “I can”.

Moreover it is foolishness to expect a duck to fly as its expertise is only to sail on water. Ducks love to paddle on the water and maximum they might take to flight on some occasions but an Eagle will soar high and remain in air for longer period of time.

NO MATTER WHAT! If I try and use all the best of resources to make a duck fly like eagle, it will not. My advice and guidance to such go wasted.These people with Duck attitude are happy with a pain-killer than making an effort to find a long lasting relief.

My only small request to Dr. Wayne W Dyer Sir is that Ducks have their own existence and eagles have theirs with limitations. We humans have the ability to cross all limits only problem is that we always set goal lines well below the line of our capability.

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