Monday, February 20, 2017

966. Social Media and Me...!

If you are reading this write up it is most certain that you have a social media account of your own and of course as I am sharing you this write up even I too have one certainly.

Every time after I post a write up there is a thought that come to my mind. The subject which I post obviously would be satisfactory to me, but I subconsciously feel to know how it would be received by the readers. I understand that some agree with my thought while a few have a different opinion. My write up is liked by those who agree with it. How many likes the write up has gathered is not important to me as I only look for those response which I feel will polish my thought further. This eagerness makes me anxious every time there is a notification.

Social media is suppose to be a platform for me to share things with all you friends, exchange comments and learn more to excel. But sometimes back it was not so with me I had experienced this itch to watch the number of likes. This itch slowly made this platform to access my self worth. This self worth was a gauge determine how “popular” I was among my friend and as I had kept my post open to all I had unknown acquaintance also clicking thumbs up icon for the write-up.

After being high about those like icon for a few day I started to feel like sharing things on social media just looking for apreciation. Also this like icon made me mad to post more just to get them. It was indeed a sort of addiction which had taken over me.

Many times even when I had no subject to post I was pulled to come up with something to post. This made me share whatever is posted on my timeline. Those which did not have the authenticity was shared too. All to get those like icon. But truly, what I post on my social media was like my own version of knowledge. Specially crafted in order to get attention from others.

Then I started to think why must I let something so trivia like how many likes I get on my post to determine how well liked I am to others? Isn’t that suppose to be determined through how well I treat people and the smiles I get back from that? I don’t know the answers to this. I do admit that despite it all, I still wouldn’t delete my social media accounts. I did crave for those likes, I did want comments of affirmation.

By the grace of my Lord I did come out of that mindset.
I did slowly learn how to enjoy posting something up just for the sake of feeling the joy of sharing eventually. I hope friend agree with me......what say???

This social media is just a part of me, beyond that there is still so much of me for me to I right???

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