Thursday, February 23, 2017

969. Ananda Tandava.... the Dance of Bliss.

Prajapati Daksha decided to perform a Yajna and invites all except his son-in-law Shiva. He thought to himself, “I’ll show the world that Shiva is insignificant.” 

Sati, the wife of Shiva wished to attend the Yagna performed by her father. She asked Shiva to take her. Shiva said, “We were not invited. The intention behind not inviting us is to insult you and me. We will be insulted if we go there.” Sati insisted that at least she can go. “I respect the relationship of daughter and father, I won’t come in the between you and your father, but spare me.” Shiva said. 

Sati went to the Yajna alone and as expected Daksha abused Shiva in front of everyone. Sati could not tolerate the insult and she jumped into the yajna kunda (Sacrificial Fire pit) and ended her life. Shiva could not bear the loss of his beloved wife. He instructed Kala Bhairava to vanquish the Ego of Daksha and he sat in deep meditation for eons.

Tarakasura who was torturing everyone on the earth plane did penance and cleverly got a boon from Brahma. As per the boon the son of Shiva alone can kill him. Now Shiva had no wife and he was in the seat of silence. How a son would be born to Shiva who had renounced everything and remained aloof. Sati though had reborn as Parvathi, the daughter of Himvanta. Hence all the devas requested Parvathi to wed Shiva, but who will wake up Shiva from deep meditation was the question? That task was thrusted upon to Kamadeva, the god of Love. He not only had to nudge him out of meditative trance but also induce passion.

Kamadeva shot his flower arrow using the sugarcane bow at Shiva to wake him up; instead Shiva opens his third eye and burns down Kamadeva. In fit of anger Shiva started Rudra Tandava, the dance depicting his aggressive nature. Parvathi who is present looked at the furious Shiva and started Lasya, a dance form expressing happiness and joy. .   
Slowly the Rudra Tandava that was depicting the vigorous mood transformed into Ananda Tandava, the dance of Bliss. Together Shiva and Shakti dance in rhythm with grace and beauty. TAndava and LAsya together became TALA (Rhythm). Ananda Tandava, the romantic Dance of Shiva and Shakti is not for happiness, it’s out of happiness.  

There is a subtle message which I observed and would like to share. When Shiva was furious after burning Kamadeva he started the Rudra Tandava, which could have continued endless for years. Parvathi responded to the male energy of cosmic dance with her beauty, happiness and graceful dance. She wanted happiness and started Lasya form of dance. As a result both ended up in Ananda Tandava, the dance of Bliss.        

In our daily life we find our counterpart in a vigorous mood like my Eternal Guru Shiva doing Rudra Tandava and the conversation then gets heated up. If we divert the topic as my Guru Patni Parvathi did with Lasya, then the course of the conversation or the argument turns in a different direction and there is happiness and peace. Changing the topic of conversation when in argument is the sign of believing in the bond... What say???   

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