Tuesday, February 28, 2017

972. Students and Politics....!

In the ancient times life of a student was confined in Gurukul. The student would be away from parents and gain knowledge from the Guru. His life was devoted to studies and to get prepared to face any kind of problem that may surface in his future life. He is expected to do all his duties like washing his clothes, do farming and attending to the cattle in the Gurukul. The student there would learn discipline and were under the care of Gurupatni (Guru's wife) who took care of them as mother. They were given training on warfare and rajneeti (politics) too.

It is amazing to see that now the students in the universities who had to be confined within the boundary walls of their educational institutions and learn about political science are playing political games. It is not required for students to get into politics as it’s intricacies lies beyond the territorial jurisdiction of their thought process.

Even today it is relevant in the life of the student to have passion towards his studies and also to get ready to face the problems of life to come. If we observe the life of few students now it is more emphasised on taking political stands. The aspects of gaining knowledge and to learn the art of life has taken a back seat for them.

When we were in college we did have student unions and we would elect the student leader. The association of the students in student union should not be overruled. The students are smart, selfless and they love the right and hate the wrong instantly. They are young blood always ready to lay down their lives for the sake of the ideal they believe and follow, whether it is patriotism or something as noble as that. That is why if the students take part in some beneficial movement it becomes a grand success.

Politics within the college should be nourished and nurtured. Students participating in student unions can bring about welcome changes in the administration of the college. But the politics outside the college is always a dangerous affair.

As a student is yet a learner, his first and foremost duty is to gain knowledge. But this does not mean that he should be indifferent to the current affairs of the world in general and especially of his own country. It should not be suggested that the students should be completely away from politics and at the same time they should never be afflicted to main political parties which use them as launch pad to propagate their ideologies. The only advice that should be given to them is that for all noble causes they should go forward, for they only, as the selfless section of our society, having the heart and ability to do what they intend to. But they should never get involved in the active politics of the country which use them as toilet paper. They are left to face the social media war with those who troll them from all angles.

Student life has more to it than playing petty politics.....what say???

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