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955. Questions and answers of LIFE.......4

Prasnottara Ratna Malika of Sri Sri Sankara.....Continuation.

Q: What is the strength of a saintly person?
A: Divinity.   

Q: What is Divinity?
A: Good actions of a person.

Q: Whose actions are good?
A: One who is praised by good people.

Q: Who is the best friend of a householder?
A: Wife

Q: Who is a householder?
A: One who performs sacrifices.

Q: What is sacrifice?
A: Those actions prescribed in the Vedas for the welfare of humanity.

Q: Whose actions bear fruit?
A: One who is of good conduct and also educated.

Q: Who is an educated?
A: One who acknowledges the authority of the Vedas.

Q: Who is dead even while living?
A: One who does not perform sacrifice prescribed in Vedas.

Q: Who is fortunate?
A: One who has broken the shackles which bind him to the samsaara.

Q: Who is honourable?
A: One who is learned and yet humble.

Q: Who deserves to be served?
A: One who gives in charity.

Q: Who is a giver?
A: One who satisfies those who solicit from him.

Q: What is blessing for one who has a body?
A: Good Health.

Q: Who enjoys the fruits?
A: One who puts in effort.

Q: Who has no sins?
A: One who does chanting.

Q: Who is complete?
A: One who has progeny.

Q: What is difficult for humans?
A: Keeping the mind under control always.

Q: Who is a celibate?
A: One who has sublimated sexual energy.

Q: Who is the highest deity?
A: Divine Mother, embodiment of pure consciousness.

Q: Who supports these worlds?
A: Sun.

Q: What is the source of living for all?
A: Clouds which bring rain.

Q: Who is valiant?
A: One who protects those who are scared.

Q: Who is the protector?
A: Spiritual Guru.

Q: Who is Guru to the whole world?
A: Maharudradeva.

Q: From whom does one get true knowledge?
A: Only from Maharudradeva (Shiva).

Q: From whom does one get liberated?
A: Only from Mukunda (Sri Hari).

Q: Who is Mukunda?
A: He who extricates one from the grip of ignorance.

Q: What is ignorance?
A: Forgetting one’s real Self.

Q: Who is without sorrow?
A: One who never gets angry.

Q: What is happiness?
A: Contentment.

Q: Who is a King?
A: One who keeps his subjects happy.

Q: What is the greatest magic?
A: Whole of this universe

Q: What is dream-like?
A: Whatever is happening in the waking state.

Q: What is Truth?
A: Brahman.

Q: What is illusion, non-existent which appears as existent?
A: That which disappears when true knowledge dawns.

Q: What is trifling?
A: Notions like hare have horns.

Q: What is indefinable?
A: Illusion.  

Q: What is imagined?
A: Duality.

Q: What is the highest goal?
A: Non-duality.

Q: What is nourishment to the body?
A: Prarabhdha Karma (Resultant Fruits to be endured which is for actions of past life)

Q: What does the food eat support?
A: Life span.

Q: Who is to be worshipped by pious?
A: Lord Shiva who is manifest in Gaayatri, the Sun and Agni (the Fire)

Q: What is there in Gaayatri, the Sun, the Fire and Shiva ?
A: Sivatattwa (the essence of Auspicious)

Q: Who is the manifested God?
A: Ones own Mother.

Q: Who deserves worship and is also a Guru?
A: Ones own Father.

Q: In whom do Divine beings manifest?
A: In a pious person who has true knowledge and who performs duty without attachment.

Q: What leads to the fall of a dynasty?
A: Those actions which cause mental and physical agony to the good.

Q: Whose words never fail to be true and effective?
A: One who is truthful, who has control over his words and whose mind is tranquil.
Q: What is the cause of birth?
A: Attachment to sensual pleasures

Q: What after birth?
A: After birth continuation of progeny.

Q: What cannot be avoided?
A: Death.

Q: Where should one place one’s foot?
A: Where the eyes tell the place is clean.

Q: Who is the fit person to receive alms?
A: One who is hungry.

Q: Who is to be worshipped?
A: The incarnations of the Lord.

Q: Who is the Lord?
A: The one Supreme in whom Sankara and Naraayana are united.

Q: what is the fruit of devotion?
A: Attaining the abode of the Lord.

Q: What is Moksha (liberation)?
A: End of Ignorance.

Q: What is the source of all the Vedas?
A: “OM”

One who wears around his neck this Gem Necklace of Questions and Answers (meaning one who commits this to memory) will shine in the assembly of noble souls.


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