Thursday, February 16, 2017

964. Unity is Strength......but for principles i can stand alone !!!!

We have heard the slogan “Sangathan mein Shakti hoti hai” (Unity in Strength). The word unity is to get together not virtually but to have similar thoughts. When there is togetherness in thought there is likely to be more strength in opinion. With the strength in opinion there is strength in action. And with the strength in action the movement itself will have the power. We all go by the strength in numbers and it is obvious that, a group is strong when compared to a single persons opinion. This is what unity is all about according to what we understand. It will be interesting to note that the Kauravas brothers stood united in whatever they did (off course, Vikarana was an exception, he had objected only once). They all unanimously accepted what Duryodhana told. On the other had Pandava brothers had many times displayed their difference of opinions. There was an apparent discord owing to disagreements and even sometimes verbal fights amongst themselves. We know once Arjuna had rushed to kill his elder brother Yudhishtira when his “Gandhiva” (Bow given by Agni) was insulted. Bhisma displayed anger on his elder brother at the game of dice.

Some believe that being united is better, but unity without Viveka (Wisdom) is like a wrestler without strength. Unity is essential but never at the cost of losing the power to discriminate. There is no point in staying united if there is a no chance to voice an opinion. We have seen people of one community or one group stand united just to show their strength to the people of other communities or groups. The citizen of an entire country gets united in celebrating an occasion which neither benefits them in their well-being. This is uncalled for. 

There is a need for being united but it is important to have voice within the group. If we happen to see a forest from an aeroplane we see it is very thick but when we get down and get close to it we can observe each tree has its own space.

Unity even with differences can be achieved if the goal is same. Pandavas reflect the principle of unity in diversity. They united for higher goals despite the confrontations. There was no need for the Kaurava brothers to stand united just to inflate the ego of their elder brother. If the goals are high the strain to achieve them is worthwhile. The higher goals are achieved by the art of cooperation. Cooperation is not mere agreement; it is when the differences merge at a certain point of fixed principles. Those fixed principles are invoked and implemented because it is understood and accepted that at times diversity is the principle and unity is the austerity. The austerity which teaches the individual to accommodate an opinion without compromising the principles.

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