Wednesday, February 1, 2017

954. Questions and Answers of LIFE.......3

Q: What makes a person free from sorrow?
A: An acquiescent wife and abiding means of livelihood.
Q: In this world about whom one should feel sorry?
A: The one, who though is prosperous, does not provide to the poor and needy.
Q: Who is more valiant than Shri Rama?
A: One whose mind, struck by the arrows of Cupid, does not waver.
Q: What should one think of day and night?
A: The lotus feet of the Lord, not mundane things.

Q: Who are blind in spite of having eyes?
A: An Atheist or those who ridicule the Vedas.
Q: Who is said to be lame?
A: One who undertakes a pilgrimage in old age.  

Q: Which is the most important holy water body?
A: That which washes away the accumulated dirt in the mind.

Q: What should a person remember always?
A: Sri Hari.

Q: What is unutterable by one who is wise?
A: Faults of others and untruth.
Q: What should be earned by men?
A: Knowledge, strength, fame and meritorious deeds.

Q: Which is the destroyer of all good qualities?
A: Greed
Q: Who is the enemy?
A: Lust and Desire.
Q: Which assembly should be avoided?
A: One which is devoid of an experienced people.

Q: Where should a person be careful in this world?
A: In the service of the King. 

Q: What is dearer than life?
A: The Dharma followed by the forebears and company of saintly persons.

Q: Who deserve to be protected?
A: Fame, chaste woman and one’s own intellect.

Q: Which is the wish-yielding creeper in this world?
A: Knowledge imparted to a deserving disciple.

Q: Which is the eternal banyan tree?
A: A gift to a fit recipient given in accordance with scriptural injunctions.

Q: Which is the weapon for everybody?
A: Stratagem.  
Q: Who is the mother of all?
A: The holy cow.

Q: What is strength?
A: Courage, adamantine heart.

Q: Which is death?
A: Carelessness.

Q: Where is poison?
A: In a bad person.

Q: What is it which gives fearlessness?
A: Non-attachment to worldly things.

Q: What is fear?
A: For everyone wealth is the source of fear.

Q: What is difficult to acquire for men?
A: Devotion to Sri Hari.

Q: What is sin?
A: Causing physical or mental injury to living beings.

Q: Who is dear to God?
A: One who does not cause mental agitation to others and himself does not get mentally agitated.

Q: What is the source of achievement?
A: Penance.

Q: Where is intellect?
A: In the Brahmin.

Q: How does one get a sharp intellect?
A: From the service of the aged.

Q: Who are aged?
A: Those who know the essence of Dharma.

Q: What is worse than death for a person?
A: Humiliation is worse than death. 

Q: Who is comfortable in this world?
A: A wealthy person

Q: What is wealth?
A: That by which one can get what he likes.

Q: What is the seed of all comforts?
A: The fruit of meritorious deeds.
Q: From where is sorrow?
A: The fruit of sins.

Q: Who has affluence and exerts control over others?
A: One who worships Maharudradeva with devotion.

Q: Who achieves progress?
A: One who is full of humility.
Q: Who goes down?
 A: One who is abortive and arrogant.

 Q: Who cannot be trusted?
A: One who always tells lies.

Q: When is uttering a lie not a sin?
A: When it is uttered to protect Dharma.

Q: What is Dharma?

A: Such conduct and values as have been accepted as the right ones by the noble souls who practice Dharma.

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