Tuesday, January 17, 2017

946. Does the Evil exist???

There is nothing called “Evil” just as there is nothing called “Darkness” and “Ignorance” Darkness is just lack of “Light” and Ignorance is lack of “Knowledge.” When I strike a matchstick and produce light in a dark room, the darkness just vanished away it does not shift to any other place. Light is an existent thing while dark is nonexistent.  If I do not know about a thing and learn about it, by say, reading or listening about it the ignorance I had about that thing just fades away and I have the knowledge of that thing. With the flourish of knowledge, the ignorance that was in me does not hop to another person sitting next to me. Right???

In the similar line “Evil” too does not have a separate existence of its own. It thrives when there is lack of morality and ethical values. If an opaque body is the hindrance for the light to penetrate and thus create darkness, know-all attitude is the obstruction for knowledge. The know-all attitude creates an illusion of knowledge which prevents the advent of knowledge. Ego is the obstacle for morality and ethical values thus making an individual evil. Egotism is based on the delusion that we are separate selves in competition with others and the rest of the world. 

Last week I saw an inspirational video of a “Life Coach” who was talking to a huge audience. He was talking about success and the means to achieve them. Amidst his talk, the life coach request 10 people from the audience to come up on the stage. He wished to give a live demonstration. 10 of them volunteered to go up on to the stage. The life coach had a brief chat with all of them asking them about their profession. Most of them were into business and there were a few from corporate sector too. He then asked his volunteers to give an inflated balloon and a toothpick to the 10 people on stage. He asked the 10 of them to hold the balloon in their right hand and the toothpick in the left. 

When the 10 people were ready he said, “I will count ten, whoever has the inflated balloon in his hand by the end of the count is the successful person.” As the Life Coach started to count , the 10 members on the stage tried to hid the balloon at their back and run to prick the other persons’ balloon. By the end of the count there was none with the inflated balloon, but the person whose balloon was the last to burst shouted, “Sir, my balloon was the last to burst.” 

The Life Coach silently walked up to the 10 and said, “My dear gentlemen, I had told whoever has the inflated balloon intact at the end of 10 counts is successful. I expected all of you to just hold your balloon but I do not know what made you go crazy to prick the other peoples’ balloon?”   

The lack of morality and ethical values in them instigated all of them to burst the balloon of the others. The high of the word “success” got them to see that only they should have the inflated balloon till the end. They never entertained a thought that all can be successful by not having the evil idea of bursting the balloon of others. 

It is the ego in them which induced the separateness and created the individual identity. That thought of separateness pushes an individual to participate in the rat race. When in rat race the morality and ethical values take the back seat. It is here the “Evil” triumphs.....this is the irony!!!          

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