Friday, January 20, 2017

948. Dashavatara (Ten Incarnations)

Maha Vishnu is in the state of Absolute Independence (Sarvatantra Swatantra). Once He wanted to check if there is anything in the universe which had emanated from Him, that equalled that trait. He places the trait in one pan of the balance and started loading the different objects of creation; He placed on it heaven, earth and the neither world. He places the entire universe yet, no matter what He placed on that pan, the pan with State of Absolute Independence continued to remain down. There was no sign of that pan raising even an inch from the ground. 
“What! Is there nothing at all to match this State of Absolute Independence?” He wondered, when all that emanated from Him could not match the trait of Absolute Independence. Finally, He took another trait which was in Him, Shubham Kritva “Doing Auspicious” and placed it on the pan. The pan with the State of Absolute Independence started to rise. 

Maha Vishnu decided that the State of Absolute Independence will get its worth only when something auspicious is done. Auspicious doing has more weight or the most exalted object. Maha Vishnu then thought, “So, what should I do? I shall incarnate and do auspicious deeds to mankind.” 

He then incarnated as a MATSYA (FIsh) to take the mankind to a safer land at the time of huge deluge. He orders Vaivasvatha Manu to collect and place the seeds of all species of plant and animal life in a huge boat and pulls the boat to the next Kalpa (aeon) safely. 

He then appeared as a KURMA (Tortoise) and lifted Mount Mandara. With the Devas (Divine Beings) and Danavas (Demons) fighting among themselves for supremacy. A plan is drafted to obtain Amrutha (Ambrosia) by churning the  with the efforts of both. To churn Mount Mandara is used  as churning stick, it needs to be supported at the bottom. Kurma holds the mount on His back. 

He manifested as VARAHA (Boar) to protect the modesty of Mother Earth. When Demon Hiranyaksha (Golden Eyed) kidnaps Mother Earth, Maha Vishnu takes the form of White Boar and kills the demon and restores the Earth in solar system.  

Enraged by the death of his beloved younger brother, Hiranyakashipu (Gold Clad) does penance to impress Brahmadeva. He does not get the boon of immortality but is invincible. He cannot be killed either by human or animal which is neither create nor born, in or out of the house, neither in the day nor at night, weapons thrown at him or pierce him. This is very tricky Maha Vishnu springs out of the pillar (neither create nor born) as NARASIMHA (Half Man-Half Lion) it is evening and he drags Hiranyakashipu to the threshold and rips open his belly with his nails. At that He rescues His adrent devotee.

He then came as VAMANA (Dwarf) to subdue the ego of King Bali. He begged for land measuring his tiny three step. He grew to become Trivikrama and measures the Earth, Heaven and finally asked for the third step. Bali offered his head as the third step. 

He then came as PARASURAMA (Rama with Axe) to check the atrocities of the ruling class. 

Purushottama SHRI RAMA (Ideal Person) was His next incarnation. He showed the mankind the art of Principled Living. 

As SRI KRISHNA (The Dark One) He preached us about Practical Living. 

As BUDDHA (The Enlightened) He made us understand the importance of the middle path. 

As KALKI (The one on Horse) He is ever appearing to check the dominance of Adharma over Dharma.  

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