Tuesday, July 4, 2017

1046. Judaism and Hinduism: Is there any similarities???

Just as we Hindus are Sanatanis the Jews are Yahudis. The idea that Judaism and Hinduism have a few similarities or can I say they both share the same thought raises some eyebrows. Sanatana Dharma is Brahmanical thought which gave rise to Hinduism, while Yahudis followed the Abrahamic thought and it bred Christianity and Islam. 

On the surface the two beliefs are quite different this is because Hinduism which sprouted from Sanatana Dharma accepted multitude of “Gods” and employed physical statues to represent them. Yet a part of Hinduism founded by Sri Sri Sankara practice monotheism. So if we can say there are many similarities in Advaita and Judaism then it will make a little sense.    

According to Vedanta Absolute is “Ekam eva advitiyam Brahma (Brahman is one, without a second) and the Yahudis too say, “One, but not in the sense of counting.”
One striking common feature linking Hindus with jews is cow worship. When Moses descended from Mt. Sinai, he found the Jews worshipping Red Heifer (Calf).   

Just as Hindus have “Sankalpa” (intention or conviction) before the start of any kind of Karya (Deed), the Yahudis have Kavanah (sincere feeling, direction of the heart).    

Yehudi could have its word rooted in Sanskrit word “Yahv”, which means great. They learned to perform sacrifices through altar, which they learned from Persian who learnt it from Hindus.

Pralaya (Deluge) is in the religions of Persians, Jews, and Christians and in Islam but are depicted by different versions of stories. 

Christianity and Islam which rose from Judaism got its ideology from Persians who in turn got it from people living on the other side of river Sindu, they were called Hindus.

The original thought of the Christianity and Islam was no other than the ideology of Persian and Jews. The practice of Rosa at the time of the holy month of Ramzan if compared with the same principle in Judaism which is similar to the Vrata of Hindu culture, we can conclude that they all sprang from Hinduism.

Santana Dharma and Yahudis are such pious source that has given birth to different religion. Both experienced the persecution of intolerant rulers and also have been subject to the holocaust during colonial times. Both philosophies are revealed. Hinduism does not have a beginning. It was never started. Dharma was always there. Vedas were not authored but the content of it was revealed Truth which was compiled by Rishis. Similarly Moses did not write the Ten Commandments but got it as revelation. Moses did not create Judaism so also there is no founder for Hinduism. The place of worship of both is called “Temple” and both do not wear shoe at temple. Hinduism as well as Judaism believe that the outer purity is needed to cultivate inner purity. "Achara" is the code of conduct for Hindus and it is "Kosher" for Jews to achieve the inner purity. Both are pure in food habits. Both of them do not mix certain types of food, or eat stale food. Outer purity is necessary for both to enter the place of worship. 

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