Saturday, July 15, 2017

1053. Sri Jayathirtha.

There are numerous personalities in Dvaitha Siddhantha after the founder Sriman Madhva who have lite the path or life with their torch of thoughts. The sixth pontiff after the Paramacharya in the linage was Sri Jayathirtha. He belonged to Aristocrat Brahmin family before the encounter with the fifth pontiff and his Guru Akshobhya Tirtha. The young man who was riding a horse felt thirsty, in an acrobatic style he tried to drink water from the River Kagini without alighting the horse. seeing this the Guru asked him, "which animal were you in your previous life?" 

This question made the young man contemplate on who he was? The dormant truth of his previous life flashed before him. He was Basava, the bull in his previous life and in the life before that he was Arjuna, the ace archer of Mahabharata. The pervious birth flashbacks made him realize the purpose of his birth in this life span. 

Under the efficient Guru the young man got transformed into a very proficient student of Dvaitha philosophy. 

Sri Jayathirtha brilliantly captured the pithy statements of his Paraguay Sriman Madhva in a lucid and simple language. It is universally admitted in the Dvaita Sampradaya (Tradition) that the depth and insight of the philosophical ocean of Tatvavaada (Doctrine of Truth) can only be appreciated with the help of the Nyaya Sudha.

Nyaya Sudha is considered to be the eye opener to the seeker who wish to know the Brahma Sutras of Bhagvan Vyasadeva. It is a commentary done on Anuvakhyana of Sriman Madhva which in turn was the commentary to Brahma Sutras. The word "teeka" in Sanskrit is used for commentary. For writing down commentary for many scriptures this scholarly pontiff was fondly called Teekacharya by his followers.

Jayathirtha used to sit alone in Yeragola cave and write commentaries with great sincerity, patience and knowledge. The flow of wisdom was due to the Aparoksha Jnana (Perceptible Knowledge). The swift flow of his words drifted like Dancing Ganga. The clarity he possesses was like how a fullmoon would look in the dark sky. The precise and aptness of each and every word came with a poetic precision. The power and strength  of his logic flashes like thounderbolt on a stormy night. The eloquence of his speech can just be sensed and can never be fully comprehended. Analysis, arguments and his absolute insight need only to be experienced. Ultimately, undoubtedly, he becomes the personification of Sriman Madhwa’s unfathomable heart.

On this day which markes the 629th aradhana Mahotsava of Sri Jayathirth I bow to his Medha Shakti.

Prathamo Arjuno nama, Dvitiyo Vrushabha eva cha, Teekacharya thritiyosthu Hanumat karya saadhaka.

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