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1062. Evidence from the deviated River......!

Aryamba could no longer trek all the way to River Purna to have her daily bath. One day while she was on her way to the river she fell unconscious. Her only son told her not to go to the river to take bath. He would fetch the water for her. Once while the young lad was returning with the pail of water he suddenly thought, “How nice it would be if the river flowed near our house”. Just that sincere Sankalpa (Conviction) was enough for the river to change its course and followed his footsteps. The village was called Kalady (Foot Print) and the boy was Sri Sri Sankara.  

This is a story which we can find in the book Sankara Digvijaya. The post was not to remind of this story but clear the fog of doubt over the exact period of Sri Sri Sankara. There are many evidences to prove that Sri Sri Sankara appeared before the start of Christian era. When Alexander came here he was accompanied by Pyrrho, the Greek philosopher. While explaining the weary Emperor on philosophy he uses the simile of “Rajju Sarpa Nyaya” (Logic of Rope and the Snake). This simile is the basis of Advaitha Philosophy.       

Some perverts may argue that Sri Sri Sankara could have reiterated the logic taken from the Greek philosopher. So the Paramacharya of Kachi Kamakoti Peetam Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi who was fondly called Periyavaa (Great Man) had the carbon dating done on the sand of the river. The microfossils found in the soil can be dated, he asked a reputed geologist to arrange for a diver to dive and take out sand from two different locations of the River Purna (presently called River Periyar). One location should be before the River makes the diversion towards Kalady and the other near the Sri Sri Sankara Janmabhoomi ashrama in Kalady. By using the technology of carbon dating it was easy to ascertain the age of the sand.  The geologist performed the research on the sand taken from two different locations and the result was astonishing.

The sand taken from the first location that is from the place before the river diverged yielded an age of being more than 1,00,000 years whereas the sand from the second location near the Janmabhoomi Ashrama at in Kalady was close to about 2500 years! Thus the age of the river sand at Kalady confirms that Sri Sri Sankara was indeed born in the year 509 BC, which is 2500 years back!

Moreover we all know that the advent of Maharudradeva as Sri Sri Sankara was to revive the diminishing Sanatana Dharma under the Buddhists and Jain sects. If Sri Sri Sankara had to be born in 788 A.D as believed then there was no need for it as both the religion had by that time a few followers.
Brihat Sankara Vijaya of Sri Chitsukhacharya says, “On Banuvasare (Sunday), Vaisakha Sukla Panchami in the year Nandana, a son was born to Sivaguru and he was named ‘Sankara’ in 2593 Kali which corresponds to 3102-2593=509B.C 

(Note: 3102 is the number of since the prevailing Kaliyuga started).

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