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1058. Life is like the game of dice.....!

Yudhisthira was an ace player of Game of Dice. He was an expert in moving the pawns very tactfully and winning the game. The opponents could not read his moves. What made Yudhisthira lose his magic touch on that fateful day??? Not once but twice??? In the first occasion he lost all his brothers and his wife as the stake in the game. The second time he lost the entire kingdom kingdowas expanded by performing the Rajasuya Yagna. A human makes mistake once, but here is the wisest of all men succumbing twice. How was it possible???

Sahadeva, the son of Madri and the youngest of the Pandavas was an expert astrologer. Duryodhana knew very well about it and he approached Sahadeva to fix an auspicious time to offer “Kaalabali” (a ritualistic sacrifice performed before war to ensure victory). Sahadeva following the path of Dharma treated Duryodhana as a Parsnuvi (Patron) and told him, “The appropriate time to offer the sacrifice would be on the day when Surya and Chandra are in the same house, that is on “Amavasya” (New Moon). Duryodhana had to wait for another ten days for teg auspicious day. He did offer “Kaalabali” on the new moon day, yet the outcome of the war did not turn out to be as he had expected. 

What happened??? 

We all are familiar with the Bhagavad-Gita quotes which are labelled as “Gita Saar” and published as calendars and pocket books. 

The first quote in it says:
“Whatever has happened is happened for good. 
Whatever is happening is happening for good. 
Whatever will happen will happen for good.”
Though Sri Krishna did not tell Arjuna in exactly the same words as in the quote, but I presume that this quote is reflecting on the verse 33 of chapter 11 in which Sri Krishna explains Arjuna about the predestined play at work in the material world and remind Arjuna that he is just an instrument. 

Now coming to the subject why did the astrology of Sahadeva fail and how did Yudhisthira, the ace player of game of dice lose the game???

Yudhisthira was skilful in the Game of Dice agreed but Shakuni used the dice made out of the bones of his brothers. Thus he had command over dice so that he could manipulate the fall of numbers. Yudhisthira who was very tactful in handling his pawns was crippled by the voodoo tricks of Shakuni. Pandavas had to lose the game and that was predestined.   

Let us see the second incidence.

When Sahadeva told Duryodhana about Amavasya, Sri Krishna became alert and the next day which was not new moon day he performed “Tarpana” (a ritual of offering to ancestors). Tarpana is performed on new moon according to the scriptures. Looking at this rare gesture by the Lord, Surya and Chandra were shocked and they came down to Hastinapura to ask Sri Krishna about it. Immediately Sri Krishna asked Yudhisthira to perform “Kaalabali.” The trick here was that Yudhisthira became the first to do the “Kaalabali.” ritual ahead of Duryodhana and as far as Amavasya is concern, we all know that the new moon happens when Surya and Chandra are in one house. There they were both together standing side by side. Sri Krishna made it happen.

Whatever has to happen will happen .......just be a part of it and enjoy the turn of events.

He is there to see it happen so just be a instrument in His hands....then you too will enjoy the play .

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