Monday, July 17, 2017

1056. Why dearth in words?

Communication is very important in this civilised society. We have to talk and interact with others to express our feeling and also to know their feelings. One important observation is that the interactions which we do with many will not be in the same wavelength. The interaction will be best and fruitful only if the wavelength matches. Also we would want to interact with some avoid, while we some, a few we love to only listen to and we have some with whom we end up being upset.  There is so many difference in the way we interact, now why is this difference?
There are different people who will take the word in a different ways. And at the same time the words can also be presented in the way it suites the person who we are presenting it. We have a different ways while talking to a friend and the boss. A friend can take any kind of word but a boss is very particular about the word flow from you. 

There is a story of a young man who completes his education under an eminent astrologer. The young man starts his journey of life.  He was good at predictions and soon became famous. His fame reached the King who wished to show him his horoscope.  

The young man looked at the horoscope and told the king, “I have never seen such a horoscope in my life.  You will lose your sons and grandsons. Your enemies will take away your kingdom.  Though you get the kingdom back it will be when you are old.” 

Hearing this, the King was annoyed and ordered the guards to put the young man into the prison.  Meanwhile the Guru of the young man came to know about the incidence, he came to see the King. Though the King was reluctant to see another astrologer, his minister convinced him to listen to the astrologer. 
Guru saw the horoscope and came to know his shishya was correct in analysing the horoscope, he said, “Oh! King, I have never seen such a horoscope all my life. I say you are very fortunate to live longer than your sons and grandsons. Your enemies take away your kingdom but even in your ripe age you fight and get it back. You rule your kingdom till your death.” 

The King was very happy to hear the prediction from the Guru. He was so happy that he wanted to reward the Guru. Guru told him to release the young man.  Once his student was released from the prison, the Guru took him away and taught him the last lesson:

Priyavakya pradaanena sarve tushyanti jantavaha 
tasmaat tadeva vaktavyam, vachane kaa daridrataa?

Every individual is happy with pleasant words.  Hence use only such words.  Why dearth in words?  

What the young man and his Guru told the King was the same in intent but the content was presented differently.  One version was palatable and the other was not.

Vachane kaa daridrata?

Why dearth in words?

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