Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1051. Kaiyendhi Bhavan Zindabad....!

Yesterday I saw a video on Facebook shared by one of my friends. The video was about a frustrated man holding a hotel bill and complaining about the cost of the Masala Dosa. He had the audacity to accuse my Prime Minister for the price. He was not only arrogant but also ignorant person. He was talking about the G.S.T of Rs. 11.63 charged for the Masala Dosa which was priced at Rs. 60 by the restaurant, which amounted to Rs. 73.63. He was seen abusing the government for the price rise and displayed his dissatisfaction about the newly introduced G.S.T. It looked like G.S.T was Ghost &  Spirit  Torture to that poor fellow. 

I was wondering why this fellow had not complained about the price of the Masala Dosa itself?  Even today best of Masala Dosa can be relished for Rs. 30 in Bengaluru.  Also there are a few “Kaiyendhi Bhavan” (Handheld Eateries) where one can order a steamy Masala Dosa for as less as 15-20 Rs. 

As for the taste is concerned there is no difference, in fact the one which is sold on road side is better.  This Kaiyendhi Bhavan is a boon to all those auto rickshaw and cab drivers in my city. They get satisfactory stomach full of breakfast at very nominal rates. Those who run these eateries are also happy at the end of the day; it is a win-win situation for both. When we are introduced to the road side eateries of the countries abroad on the food channels and appreciate their food, I think we need to be proud of the vendors who can provide tasty food here too.  Who can forget the world famous Food Street in V. V Puram, Bengaluru.  

The one who wish to give more importance to ambience and vanity have to spill out some extra amount. My city Bengaluru caters to all, we have expensive cool joints as well as Kaiyendhi Bhavan the choice is purely on us and not on the P.M or government. The one who wish to have a Masala Dosa in a better ambience will go to the expensive joint who will charge extra amount for making him feel comfortable. As far as the taste is concern my personal take is that the road side vendors make a better Masala Dosa than the one in those jittery joints. The extra amount which one pays than the worth of the Masala Dosa will be for the extravaganza of the joint. That is fair enough. We have one restaurant in Malleshwaram which charges Rs. 1000 per Masala Dosa. I am not bluffing, the creator of that Masala Dosa claim that each Dosa is garnished with 0.1 gm pure gold foil and only olive oil is used.  Now if that gentleman who was shouting about the price rise had to pay G.S.T to this gold Masala Dosa then what would happen I wonder?        
My Amma used to tell me that the hot dish which the Maharajahs of Mysore savoured would be cover with a foil of Gold which would melt over the dish. She told that she had heard from her grandmother that the gold had some Ayurvedic properties which would increase the vigour and strength of the blue blood clan. We do have many with that blue blood clan mindset among us today, isn’t it? Anyways it is good to have a golden Masala Dosa once in a while without cribbing at the G.S.T.  With all these cry over the introduction of the new tax policy it is interesting to find some of the restaurants hiking the price in the menu. They very cleverly made it appear as if the price has shot up because of the G.S.T

The hotels which were under the cumulative tax policy are now finding it difficult to adjust.  We have had some economist morons who are talking about sanitary napkin price too.......let us give some time to the G.S.T to settle and then judge if it has really helping our economy or not.....What say???

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