Wednesday, July 5, 2017

1047. Vision..... Future Consciousness!!!

A person who claims to be living for the moment also has a vision. Inevitably though we know that everything is destined we fill our lives with plans to mould our future. Humans have always done this and future thinking has expanded hugely in scope and substance. It has been since eons and will remain eons to come. This is called being Future-Conscious. It is an art to bring the evolutionary process under the purposeful control of the present.

Looking at the way we are living, future consciousness is to live a little more informed by getting the benefit from in the past. We have a series of new ways to upgrade our life, even as we update it quite often. We are better informed about the lives of everyone around us with more refined methods for delineating plausible events, and we can sketch not the future, but a range of possibilities which can better our existence. These personal decisions we make over the future are linked in a million small ways to a greater prospect. The fort of the future is built by granite rocks of personal decisions taken in the present.

In Mahabharata, Balarama the elder brother of Krishna was Guru to both Bhima and Duryodhana. He taught them both the art of using the mace (Gada Yuddha) and wrestling (Malla Yuddha). Duryodhana was a keen student who liked to master the skills of mace-warfare and secrets of catch and throw. Bhima was huge built compared to Duryodhana and hence he could just relay on his raw skills. The keenness in learning the art made Duryodhana favourite to Balarama.  

Balarama who was fond of Duryodhana decided that his sister Subhadra should marry him. He was not sure that the decision will be accepted by Subhadra or Krishna. Subhadra did not like the proposal right away and wanted Krishna to intervene. Krishna makes a plan; He talks to his elder brother saying that there was a Sanyasi (Hermit) serving whom the young girls will get married without hassles. As they say, “the dietitian prescribe the same as the patient was yearning for” Balarama quickly agreed to let Subhadra serve the Sanyasi. Arjuna in the guise of Sanyasi stepped into the Anthapura (Royal Harem) of Subhadra. Subhadra did not know it was Arjuna in the guise of Sanyasi and later Arjuna got her to elope with him. They got married and Abhimanyu was born.

Later after many years Balarama wanted his daughter Shashirekha to marry Lakshmana Kumara, the son of Duryodhana. Shashirekha who was in love with Abhimanyu refused. Krishna with the help of Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima and Hidambi kidnapped her to help her wed Abhimanyu.

In both the instances Krishna did not want Yadavas to have any kind of conjugal ties with Kauravas. This decision was very important when the time came for the Yadavas to take side in the war. Yuyudhana and Satyaki of Vrishnis and Yadavas supported Pandavas, Nila of Mahishmati, Vrinda and Anuvrindha of Avanthi, Vidarbha, Nishada and Salva supported Kauravas. Krishna was non-combatant adviser to Pandavas while Balarama remained neutral.

Krishna’s plan to stop Duryodhana from marrying Subhadra and Shashirekha from wedding Lakshmana Kumar was the Future-Consciousness to what happened in Kurukshetra. 

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