Saturday, July 22, 2017

1060. If what I deserve is already destined......!

We in Hinduism believe in Karma Siddhanta  and all the Shad Dharshanas (Six Insights) namely Samkya (Rationalism), Yoga (Union), Nyaya (Logic), Vaisheshika (Distinctionism), Mimamsa (Exegesis), Vedanta (Upanishad) have all in one sense or the other reflected on Karma. Sri Krishna tells in Bhagavad-Gita, “Gahanaa Karmano Gatih” (hard to know the pace of Karma). It is hard but not impossible to know and learn about the intricacies of the theory of Karma.

Superficially the interpretation of this theory does say that what I deserve in this birth is an outcome of the merits I accumulated over the past births. In other words one may conclude that the efforts I put into the present work may not bear direct relevance to its success. And, thus, if I believe in this theory of Karma from this perception, then I would prefer to do nothing in this birth giving the reason that what I deserve is not influenced by my efforts on the work I have taken up now? This is pure nonsense to think so. 

In this virtual world this is what is happening if we observe. Most of us, work for monthly wages. The money I spend on sustaining myself on any given day would be the outcome of my effort in the previous month. The efforts I put in during that month yielded me nothing to help me in that month, but has influenced my salary slip of this month. 

If I don't work this month then what would happen to my salary next month? Well, if I truly believed that there would be a next month in my life and I would need to sustain myself in that month, I would need to work this month, 

Now a new question arises if the above logic is considered then those who believe that they had a few past births that got them what they deserve in this birth, from where would they get the deserved fortune for the next birth if they are to come back by taking another birth. Would they not do something to secure the fortune for the next  birth?

This precisely seem to be the problem either there is carelessness in doing something or there is fear of doing nothing.  These situation arises out of a belief in the past births without a conviction about the future ones. If one believed in both, one would still continue to work. But, then, it is customary for the 'rational' human beings to cherry-pick their beliefs to suit what they want to do, isn't it? 

So, I believe that my work in my past births will take care of me in this birth but I do not believe that there is a future birth for which I need to do something in this birth to take care of the things I deserve then. 

As far as I am concern I do not indulge in reasons for my inaction. And as far as the fruit for the action done in this birth I do not care. If anyone ask me if this is Karma Sanyasa I do not know but I feel so. 

The purusharthas (pursuit of life) too indicate the purpose if life has to be spontaneous and not to be planned and done by calculating the loss and gain......Am I right???

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