Tuesday, July 11, 2017

1050. Preaching??? No, I share my experience....!

There are side effects for posting a write up on values these days. I have noticed that a few who read the post do agree with the thought, while a few who have differed tried to correct me. Apart from these two categories I have been fortunate to have another lot who neither agree nor disagree but express their ambiguity by asking me if what is written could be followed or in the other sense their question is “do you practice what you preach?”

Preaching requires thoughts and words whereas practicing requires thoughts and also action. Of course, it’s easier to say something than to do it.  But, there is a catch here. Preaching becomes easier and more convincing after practicing and it is also said, “If you want to learn something, try teaching it.” People are more likely to follow if one does what he says. Otherwise it puts a big question mark to the entire personality if words and action do not match. It questions ones integrity.

I do not believe in this old saying “practice what you preach”. My understanding and the general feel among those to whom I am interacting with my posts, I would say it has to be the other way round. I need to “preach what I have been practicing”. Also what I have practiced cannot be the yardstick for others and I cannot impose my way of practicing which depends on the situation I was in. All I can do is just share my thought, there are few times when I would have reacted in a different way which could be in contrast to what I had told at a different situation. It is the experiences that help me cope with the moment that arises and develop strategies for how to deal with the new experiences. I can say what I would do in various situations, but it isn’t until I go through it when I get to see how I would really respond.

I was put into introspection on whether I need to post my thoughts or not. The flip flop of should I share my emotions or should I not was dancing before my mind. Then I got thought which I always tell when my readers appreciate the post. I say, "Naham Kartha Hari Kartha Hari Kartha Hi Kevalam" (I am not the Doer Sri Hari alone is the Doer). So I do not get into the picture at all. Moreover it is absolutely His prerana (motivation) to share my experience so that it has a positive impact if not taken in a negative sense. 

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