Tuesday, October 22, 2013

138. Knowing is Knowing and Doing is Doing!!!!!!!!!!

Dritharashtra knew that his son Duryodhana was unethical in not give the Pandavas their share of the kingdom. He expresses this to his beloved minister Vidhura. 

What made Dritharastra to go against what he thought was right? What made him support his unlawful son?? 

Dritharashtra was well versed in scriptures he knew about Shastras (Scriptures), Dharma (Righteousness), and Rajaneti (Politics) yet he failed when he was expected to perform his duties efficiently. Why was it so??? 

If we sensitively observed there is a tremendous gap between knowing and doing. All the known things are mere word without life in it. The energetic life is induced in it if we convert the known word into performing the deed. They say that one who preaches should practice. If the preacher finds it tough to practice then there is no point in preaching at the first place???? If the preacher knows what he is preaching has good message that has to be followed, then what is it which is not letting him practice????? 

The ears which has listened to the preaching has forwarded the instruction to our mind, and our mind resolves to practice. Now when it comes to performing, mind does a flip flop and turns hostile, why?????? 

It so happened that a habitual drunkard was always stumbling upon something or the other while returning home late night in inebriated state. One day before entering the bar he thought it would be sensible if he carried a lantern with him so that he does not stumble and fall while returning home. So he went home back and carried a lantern with him to the bar. After the session when it was time for him to leave the place, he took his lantern and walked out of the bar. But surprisingly for him he fell on a dog, he was confused he looked at the lantern that he carried. Why did he stumble upon the dog?????? What was the problem with him, before he could get the answer to this question he fell on the road side ditch. 

Next morning he was carried home by his friends. In the afternoon the owner of the bar came to the house of the drunkard and said, “Instead of taking your lantern you have carried away my parrot cage last night, return it to me and take your lantern!” 

The intoxication in the man had made him think the parrot cage was his lantern. In this anecdote the man doesn't want to stumble and fall when he is drunk and returning back home. He knows very well that it is not good for him to fall. So he makes up his mind to take a lantern which is like the good preaching we get from learned people or scriptures. But the intoxication of the drink has made him think that the parrot cage is the lantern. This intoxication is the substance which holds back a person from doing what he knows. For some this intoxication it is family welfare or for some personal comforts while in Dhritarashtra’s case it was his blind love for his son which held him from going by what good he knew. Many of us have many things which intoxicate us, its better if we notice them and rectify our actions...... What say???? 

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