Tuesday, October 22, 2013

190. Is Role Models Necessary for Spiritual Advancement???????

Yes, as in every field there is a necessity to have an Adarsh Vyakti as role model. The word Adarsh Vyakti itself signifies that he will inspire us; we would love to emulate him. He is a person who has the qualities that we would look forward to achieve. It is a unique experience of its own kind to meet a person who has the quality that we are looking for and try to emulate. When we are blessed to be under the wings of such a person that very moment we decide to follow him. 

The choice of looking up at that personality as a role model has no adverse effect until it does not breach the line of faith. What really happens is that the moment we decide that he would be our role model; his entire activities become our favorite. One observation is that the ideologies of the role model which we might have voiced against in the past could get our approval. This though should not be the idea of having a role model. 

We are free to choose anyone as role models, but we should also be ready to face the music if the role models we follow has a negative impact on the society. For example there is no point in appreciating the benefits of “Simple Living” and having a role model who preach to live a simple life but in reality is living a lavish and luxurious life. In such a situation we would be in a dilemma as to what to follow his discourse or his life style. 

The essence of the role models is that they have to be fearless, dynamic, selfless, and the most importantly they should lead by setting examples and be an “out-of-the-world” source of inspiration. The source of inspiration in them has to be present eternally. They should have the capacity to inspire others even in the times of hardship. Even in the most testing times they have to be a source of inspiration. They have to have the strength to tread the unexplored paths and guide their followers into it. 

They are always at peace, very loving, sensitive & intelligent and they are afford to be like this because they have no stakes in this ever changing universe. They live like Emperors without kingdom always fulfilled, magnanimous & contended. These people alone deserve to be a role model. There have been many in the past and present also, Hanuman had Lord Rama, Arjuna had Lord Krishna, Shivaji Maharaj had Samarth Ramadas, Swami Vivekananda had Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, 

 Did anyone say it’s tough to find such a person as role model??? T

Then, “LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF” you will definitely find one.

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