Tuesday, October 22, 2013

182. Relating To The Absolute In Three Different Frames Of Mind……

Philosophers over the years have in their works and teachings tried to make it easy for the seekers to understand that Absolute is one and only one, but the approach to merge with Him are many. 

All philosophies have told the same but seekers are unable to comprehend what is been told and hence have started to compare one with the other and as result they are confused. There is no error in the philosophies but the major mistake is in grasping the essence of the works and teaching of the great Acharyas over the years.  

ADVAITA of Sri Sri Sankara, VISISHTADVAITA of Srimad Ramanuja, DVAITA of Sriman Madhva, DVAITADVAITA of Sri Nimbarka, SHUDDHADVAITA of Srimad Vallabhacharya say the same Absolute is one. 

In totality there are three different ways a seeker can reflect his relationship with the Absolute. In the first scenario seeker might think Absolute to be distant from him and address Him as a third person. He surrenders himself to the Absolute by saying, “Tasyeva Aham” “I am His only”. 

In the second situation the seeker brings Absolute a little closer to himself and considers Him as a second person. He surrenders himself to the Absolute by saying, “Tavaiva Aham” “I am Yours only”. 

In the third situation the seeker has a closest intimacy with the Absolute and considers Him as himself. He surrenders himself to the Absolute by saying, “Tvamiva Aham” “I am You”. 

These three sages can come as step by step to some seekers while some seekers stay in any one of the three stages and find Bliss. In most of the cases where there is no confusion at all among the three stages the seekers try to analyse their situation and blend with whatever the need of the circumstances may demand. 

We can recall the words of Hanuman when once Shri Rama asks him, “Hanuman, What attitude do you cherish towards me?” 

Hanuman replies wonderfully so: 

Dehadrshtyaa tu Daasoham Jivadrshtyaa Tvadanshaka | Vastutastu Tvamevaaham Iti me nischitaa matih ||

 “When I think I am the body, You are the Master and I am Your humble servant. When I think I am the Jivatma (Mind and Intellect), You are the whole and I am a part. But when I have the Knowledge of Reality, I see that You are I and I am You.”

Isn’t it what Self-Realisation or Awareness is???

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