Tuesday, October 22, 2013

165. World A Marathon Track Or A Drama Theater???????

In normal circumstances an individual lives with his ego personality, maintaining his vigor, vanity etc. In this material world and the world of competition one has to have ego to boast self. Here we might be satisfying our ego in a positive way or negative way depending on the situation. But if we look closely it is done to get the appreciation from others, to make them feel we are superior to them. This is the making up of our personality throughout our life. Once a person is known by this personality the ego in him strives harder and harder to cling to it. This is an effort of the mind so we are unable to say if it is right or wrong. 

Is it possible to lead a spiritual life and yet manage to take part in this chaotic material world??????? 

A spiritual person leads life influenced by his Atma (Soul) not Ahamkara (Ego). It is possible to live in this world without getting affected by it. An ordinary person looks at the world as a racing track and life a marathon race. His only intentions are to win the race so his vision is always on the one who is catching up with him. His energy is used up at seeing the close nearest person does not overtake him. He is hurt when his opponent has overtaken him or he is overjoyed when he has touched the finish line. 

While a spiritual person acknowledges the world as huge stage where he is a performer along with others. He is supportive to the act of others to make the play interesting. He acts well and let others to do their best. His energy is vibrating and resonates with the other and encourages them to do their bit well. He is neither hurt nor pampered by the line in the script. 

It is the time since we took our birth that we have been influenced by our soul and after attaining puberty the ego in us started to compete with our soul to take command. This is where we lost our true identity, we are influenced by ego, and from then on we are propelling the ego. By knowing our true identity the ego is shunned and from that very moment we are never a competitor but participant in this world. We don the role that is scripted by the Absolute and when the time has come to retire from the play we gracefully do so.

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