Tuesday, October 22, 2013

202. A Sinful Life or a Life of Virtue which do you aspire for???

None of us want to live a sinful life, but what is amazing is that at some point of time or the other we trespass the boundary of morality and disobey the cosmic laws for personal benefits. And every now and then we are tempted to enjoy the fruits of our deeds without being morally good or without doing anything admirable. A life of virtue is however the only way we can transform ourselves, in turn the community around us and the culture in total. 

What is sinful life then???

There is a mention in scriptures that we commit sin in three ways. Firstly by our mind, by thinking evil of others. Secondly by our tongue, by speaking evil of others and finally by our actions, we cause hardship to others by our deeds. 

Spirituality helps us to realize these and assist us to turn these very three means of evil into instruments of virtue. This is called Trikarana Shuddhi, the purification of the three fields – Manah (Mind), Vak (Speech), and Kaya (Body). 

The clarity of Mind is Manah Shuddhi. Our scriptures say that every individual born is “Amruthasya Putra” (Progeny of Immortality). Thus we all have the Absolute residing in us. The mind has to be so clean for that Absolute in us to be revealed. It is unfortunate that we have a lot of rubbish there which veils the Absolute. Ones the mind is cleansed and kept pure then Absolute is visible and there is always bliss. How to cleanse the mind??? By keeping unwanted thoughts that are not relevant to us away and by discouraging those unnecessary thoughts that crop up and multiply. 

The holiness of Speech is Vak Shuddhi. The words that flow out have to be measured before it is delivered. Words should not hurt anyone. Our words should never be intimidating or instigating. Words are to be used as a tool to communicate and never should it be used to substitute work. Words have to be the voice of the heart, not the brain. Unruly words can sometime live a deep scar that does not heal. Try to speak good words. Avoid words which are purposefully meant to hurt a person.

The perfection of Body is Kaya Shuddhi. Kaya is body and perfection of body is by using the body to good action. Now what is a good deed??? How could good deed be defined??? Good deed differs from person to person. What is good to one may not be so to others. Doing good deeds is a thankless job. For example, if we look at a movement where a few try to mobilise people to stand against bribery, some feel it is only by giving bribe they can get their work done faster. But one has to understand the importance of good deed is not looking at things for personal gain but to see it is for the wellness of the whole society. Good deeds are doing something for the country, mankind, and community without any personal aspiration like price, praise, and prize. What Say???

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