Tuesday, October 22, 2013

153. My Heartfelt Confessions……….!

I neither remember my past roots nor do I comprehend the play of my destiny.
But, all I know is to be on path of Dharma.

I cannot make out which is enchanting -- Life as it is or it’s ever changing reflections.
But, all I know is I am a part of it and should endeavour it.

I fail to recognize the Truth from the camouflaged lies.
But, all I know is there is Truth in crumbling lies of life.
I don’t understand why in this make believe world the feeble suffer, smart get away, shrewd trick, and daring survive.
But, all I know is that these are all inevitable for the one who has taken birth.

I really don’t know if I am a prisoner of my own deeds.
But, all I know is to lead a principled and truthful life.

I am not clear if I should indulge myself to the wealth and wantons of life.
But, all I know is that above all these things my life can be simple and graceful.

I do not realize if I am advocating perfection or supporting the smallest of small err in life.
But, all I know is that life is to move forward.

I do not know who is with my thought or who is not.
But, all I know is that within the short span of life I need to enjoy the warmth of my people.

I am doubtful as to whether I am in the heart of those whom I interact with or not.

But, all I know is to value them in my thought word and deed.  

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