Saturday, October 19, 2013

103. A to Z for a Happy and Successful Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A - Avoid Negative Thoughts. B - Believe in Self. C - Consider all as equal. D - Deserve first and then desire. E - Enjoy Life as it is. F- Future is in your grasp. G - Giving hand is always full. H - Have a strong mind and a soft heart. I – Ignore others faults. J – Jealousy is mental cancer. K – Keep a watch on your senses. L - Love unconditionally. M – More you know less you know. N - Never hurt others. O – Open mind receives a lot. P – Patience is the most beautiful prayer. Q – Quitters Never Win and Winners never Quit R – Read the scriptures and translate words into deeds. S – Stop feeding your Ego T – Truth has no branches. U - Unwillingness easily finds an excuse. V - Virtue is its own reward. W - Work like there is no tomorrow. X – X-ray your conscience. Y – You reap what you sow. Z – Zero your past debts.

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