Saturday, October 19, 2013

100. From Knowing the Unknown and Experiencing the Unknowable!!!!

Mind is considered as one of the greatest reward from the Absolute to mankind. But if it is not properly utilized it becomes a very big obstacle for us. Mind can only be in the past or in the future it can never be in the present. Mind can ponder over the past or dream about the future. There is no scope for the mind in the present. This vast universe that we view can be understood by our mind in terms of our relation with what we know about it. The mind helps us in knowing things that we perceive. In this process the unknown becomes known to us. What happens when we know things????? 

When a thing is known in reality the known thing becomes a subject to our mind and in this aspect our ego is becoming aware of this thing. So the unknown becomes known. But apart from the known and unknown there is another which science does not approve to, that is the “Unknowable”. 

For a scientific mind, this third term does not exist. According to science there are only two those which are known and remaining lot is unknown. Moreover for science that which are unknown now, they can be known in the next moment. The unknown things can be brought under the category of “known things” with the help of the mind. This is where the real problem lies our mind cannot think what is beyond mundane life. But for some seekers mind helps in making them understand that there is something unknowable beyond this mundane life. 

Once this truth is realized, mind should also be left alone with the other mundane things as it is ideal for mundane thinking only. The unknowable cannot be known by our mind it has to be EXPERIENCED. Hence this mind is of no use to know the unknowable. But for ages it has been routine that we use our mind to mediate for us. When it comes to experiencing the unknowable thing this creates the chaos in us. With the mind as our aid we try to search for answers and find theories to understand the unknowable. This exercise would be like trying to measure the ocean with the help of a small mug. Now the question is how to experience the unknowable. 

There are many ancient ways to tame the mind like meditation, breath control etc.., which are effective. Another way which Sage Ashtavakra mentions in Astavakra-Gita is to make the mind a Sakshi, the witness this forces the mind to be inactive. By making the mind a witness it is easy to experience the unknowable which had been uncomprehending to the mind. Is it possible to make the mind inactive and at the same time have the experience of a thing???? 

 Sri Sri Sankara tells that at the time of deep sleep we all have the experience of a very peaceful sleep but we are not able to describe it if asked by others. Exactly this is what happens in deep sleep our mind is inactive but we are not aware of the experience of it. If we are awake and if the mind is inactive then the experience can be felt. The way to make the mind inactive is to make it a witness. 

 How is it possible???? 

 Lord Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita explains to Arjuna giving an example “Padmapatra mivambhasa” be like a Lotus leaf. 

What is so special about the Lotus leaf???? 

Even though it is in water the lotus leaf does not let the water wet it. It has the experience of water without the water sticking to it. Likewise if our mind is a witness and does not let the likes and dislikes stick to it then we can experience the Unknowable. Right!!!!!! 

Now in this blog there is mention of EXPERIENCE and if Mind is not experiencing as it is inactive then who is the Experiencer ........................ Experiencer is the SELF.

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