Tuesday, October 22, 2013

150. Life is a rollercoaster secure a sit and enjoy the ride…….

A weary traveler lost in the jungle one night slips and falls into an unused dried well. During the fall he clutches to the root of the nearby banyan tree and is caught midway. The whole night he spends in this unusual state and in the morning he thinks of climbing back to safety and looks up to find a hungry tiger standing at the mouth of the well. Then he decides to climb down and wait for the tiger to leave the place and to his horror he sees a huge python at the base just coming out of hibernation and looking for something to swallow. 

And as his fate should have it the root of the tree which he was holding started to snap. In this situation he was not able to think what he should do. Just then a thick oily like substance falls on to his nose and drips to his mouth. Unwillingly he licks at it and is surprised to find it very taste and to know what that was he lifts his head. He notices a bear on the branch of the banyan tree. The bear is trying to drink the honey that was in the hive on the branch of the tree. Now this man who thought he was in a horrible situation a moment ago is waiting for more drops of honey to fall on his nose so that he can lick and relish it. 

Life is almost like this situation there are problem everywhere but it is wisdom to notice the small memorable incidences in life and enjoy those. This incidence is an illustration from Srimad Bhagvatam one of the Hindu Scriptures to make us understand what life is all about. In the incident told above would the tiger or the snake disappear if the man had rejected to relish the honey which came his way without his knowledge?????? 

It is like our zeal to sit on a roller coaster and go on a ride for thrill of it very much aware of steep climbs and vertical free-fall drop in the ride. Amazingly at the end of the ride some step of out either screaming with tears in their eyes or will have a hearty laugh at the experience. When the roller coaster is sliding down if you realize that even though the train is going down the bucket capsule you are sitting in is on the firm railings, you will certainly enjoy the ride. Similarly you are down in life realize that you are firmly in His hands surely it give you immense strength to move on......So life is to secure a seat on roller coaster and just enjoy the ride!!!!!................ What say????

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  1. Thank you indeed its wonderful and inspiring post