Saturday, October 19, 2013

107. Those FOUR ……….….Things!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the society and system to be corrupt free, we as individuals have to excel. 


 By simply following these sets of four things!!!!!!!! 

FOUR Signs of Immaturity: Boasting about self. Underestimating others. Enjoying the pain of others. Jealous of others assets. 

Become these FOUR: Humble. Simple. Modest. Bighearted. 

Always speak with compassion to these FOUR: Your family. Colleagues. Old Aged. Sick. 

Do not argue with these FOUR people: Arrogant person. Verbally deluded. Annoyed person. Insane person. 

Always watch these FOUR things: Own faults. Good qualities of other people. Experience of the aged. Innocence of a child. 

Always use these FOUR when talking: Compassion. Concern. Wisdom. Truth. 

Avoid these FOUR: Greed. Grudge. Attachment. Partiality. 

Keep these FOUR things in Mind always: Sympathy. Clemency. Modesty. Empathy. 

Beware of these FOUR: Pride. Corruption. Wantons. Status. 

When living in society, give up these FOUR: Lethargy. Comfort Zones. Procrastination. Superiority. 

Don’t get carried away by these FOUR: Wealth, Position, Praise, Compliments. 

Amazing FOUR Illusions in life: Peace is away from us. Happiness is in objects. Money can do anything. Clinging for life. 

Always remember these FOUR things: Bliss is ingrained in Righteousness, Righteousness is ingrained in Empathy, Empathy is ingrained in Discrimination, Discrimination is ingrained in Knowledge.

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