Tuesday, October 22, 2013

179. From Manobhava To Atmanubhava ……..!

The world is perceived by the Mind through the Five senses, that is why it is called Prapancha. The experience of the individual and that of the universe is within the mind. Our mind is subjectively consciousness at the same time objectively it is this vast universe. The source for the mind is universe because the mind is in the form of the universe. The universe is felt as real if the observation is made through conception (Manobhava); while the same is felt as illusion if experienced through true self (Atmanubhava). Therefore there is a need to set right the base of observation mentally from Manobhava to Atmanubhava. If this shift is made it becomes easy to understand, absorb, and realize that the Absolute is Non-dual Truth. 

“Mano Kalpitah Jagat” This universe is the imagination of the mind. The deception of the world is scripted by the mind and the deception is experienced by that mind alone. Mind projects itself as the external universe just like a dream producing another dream in it. Mind which has no visible form generate imaginary things as visible. This universe appears to be existent only if the mind exists. In the absence of mind the universe is absent. Mind has the capacity to assume the form of the object it thinks. 

There is no experience of universe in deep sleep since there mind is absorbed and is in dormant stage. In the deep sleep state when the mind is absorbed and in dormant stage we are unaware of the blissful experience during that period. Once the mind is engaged when we are awake the incident of the blissful experience is lost, the disturbing or cheering incident that had left us at the deep sleep period will come and stick just like iron fillings sticking to a magnet. The Manobhava when awake perceives the universe. 

Atmanubhava is experience of the Self and it is formless reality. It is the witness of all the three states of Wake, Dream, and Deep Sleep, by being in the three states but can go beyond the three states. When there is realization there is neither the seen, seer nor the seeing because all the three are one in essence. Thus the awareness is that the name and form that are in the wake state or in the dream state are mere illusions created out of Manobhava with the aid of Consciousness. This Manobhava has created the division in terms of names and forms out of illusion and in fact the consciousness is indivisible reality. 

 The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine says SIR JAMES JEANS (1877-1946), British physicist and mathematician.

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